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We at The Pepper Group are extremely proud of our satisfied customers and references:

Dear The Pepper Group,
We just wanted you to know that we think you did a fantastic job of helping us buy our Tucson home. We could not be more pleased. What impressed us the most is your professionalism, responsiveness, class, and impressive ability to keep things on an even keel. We are also very grateful for your offer to help us should we need a little help before our move. If anyone ever asks us for a recommendation on a realtor in Tucson, we will recommend you without hesitation. Please share this with The Pepper Group! We hope we will be able to stay in touch in the future.
Best regards,
Chuck and Jan
"We all know that a team is only as good as it's members. The Pepper Group has a star players, accomplished, energetic, driven and thoughtful agents who should represent you in your next real estate transaction. They will go the extra mile to get the job done right."
Arizona Purple
"When I moved to Tucson from Cleveland, I knew what I wanted here, but didn't know if it existed. I found The Pepper Group on a web search. The Pepper Group contacted me promptly, found me a home I could afford that was truly beyond my wildest dreams and took care of details that I never knew a realtor would handle. I could focus on selling my home in Cleveland and opening my new business office in Tucson. I recommended them to my brother when he moved his family here and he just bought his second home through The Pepper Group. These are people you can trust and count on to make the process easier for you. They gave me information and advice on things I didn't even know to think of. I really can't think of any part of buying my new home that did not exceed my expectations."
"We have used The Pepper Group for our Real Estate needs, as they are the best (the best). It was a pleasure to work with this special group of people, that care. I enjoy their Web site, you can find all kinds of information. I recommend The Pepper Group to all my friends and relatives."
The Red Room
"Working with The Pepper Group has been insightful and rewarding. Their professionalism and knowledge of the local market is a tremendous asset. I appreciate their courtesy and attentiveness. As an affiliate lender I have the privilege of working with many repeat clients. They often express their satisfaction and appreciation of those at The Pepper Group."
Larry H.
"I have had the best service and care from my friends at The Pepper Group Diversified for YEARS! I am an investor and use them over and over...Tucson, Phoenix, all of Southern Arizona..even Rocky Point Mexico! Let them take care of you too."
Local Client
"Last summer I came to Tucson looking for my next home. Since my sister knew The Pepper Group, I contacted them, and next morning we were on the way. I can only repeat what others have said about The Pepper Group. Before our meeting I was sure it would take me a few days to find the right house. It did not take more than two hours! The Pepper Group is very easy to work with, they listen carefully, are very knowledgable, and make the whole experience very enjoyable. Both, my sister and I are looking forward to doing business again with our newly found friends in Tucson. We can not wait to sell our house in New Jersey and look forward to living in Tucson within the next few months."
Alma I.

We at The Pepper Group look forward to making you part of our business family,
and enjoy reading what you have to say about us.

Here at The Pepper Group Diversified as fellow co-workers, we have a close-knit family feel with our members of this real estate company. Here is what they have to say:

Here is why I like working for the Pepper:
"I picked The Pepper because I just felt like another agent at the "big" brokerage firm I used to work for. At The Pepper, I feel as though I am part of a family and that my opinion and contributions count. Paula and I actually met in 2005 when she was representing a client that was looking at a condo development my former broker and I had listed. Once I met Paula, I realized that she had a charisma and passion about real estate that few Realtors posses. It was at that moment that I knew I had to be a part of her team. Since starting with The Pepper my business has skyrocketed. The clients just seem to find us, and the clients we work with seem to have great experiences and refer more clients to us. One such client that relied on our services last year joined partners to form a larger development company and has now turned into one of our biggest clients. Another reason I like working for Paula and The Pepper Group is that I never feel like I have deadlines or quotas hanging over my head. Paula has always fare with me and has allowed me to run my business my way. She is always there to help coach me through the tough times as well. Because I am not pressured by quotas or deadlines, my clients don't feel that pressure either. My clients always tell me that I am one of the most "easy going" sales people they have come across, but they always thank me for being thorough and punctual with contract negotiations and timelines. I have Julianne and Julie to thank for that. They work behind the scene at The Pepper Group and they are the backbone of my business. With out them doing my marketing and keeping track of my files, I would be lost. They truly allow me to do what I do best; help my clients make smart decisions about real estate investments. The Pepper group has also allowed me the flexibility to further my career by allowing me to pursue my CCIM designation and starting the rapidly growing Pepper Group Commercial Division. The CCIM designation is the most sought after designation in commercial real estate circles. It is not just some letters behind my name to make me look important. Rather it is a wealth of knowledge that can be priceless when a client is looking for "a leg up" in the real estate investment world. This will poise The Pepper Group to be one of the leading real estate brokerage firms in Tucson not only in the residential real estate market, but in the commercial market as well. Paula has truly been the best "Boss" I have ever worked for. I couldn't think of a better Brokerage firm to hang my license with. The Pepper Group has been the perfect "pick" not only for me, but for my clients and my family as well."
Rob Curcio
Commercial Real Estate Specialist
Mortgage Planner/Consultant
"Working for TPGD is an opportunity of a lifetime. I left Cochise County to sell real estate in the Mexico market in new home sales then came back to the states and resumed that same position. It was at that time I realized what an opportunity I was missing out in general and commercial sales. Paula has given me that opportunity to fly in Casa Grande and Pinal County. Only after a few short weeks, have I realized the draw TPGD has on the real estate market even up here in this new territory. TPGD has carved themselves a nitch in this market by offering outstanding service to both buyers and sellers which in this market is what is needed to stand out. TPGD is by far the most unique and rewarding group of people I've ever worked for and I am proud to be part of the TPGD family and reputation. Paula has a contagious energy that is respected by all who come into contact with her. Teamwork, respect and TPGD's great reputation makes this opportunity a long term career commitment."
Christine McGinty
"I started my real estate career here at The Pepper Group Diversified and couldn't imagine working with another agency. We are a relatively small group, but within that small group we have all real estate areas covered. We have a very knowledgeable commercial group that is up to date on the latest opportunities out there. We have buying and selling agents that have a very diversified background. One particular agent, Kristen McCraren, has worked in interior design before coming an agent. This is very helpful to me and The Pepper Group as a whole because we don't have to go looking for someone to stage our listings .... the best one out there works right next to me! We also have two of the best, hard working assistants. Julianne and Julie go above and beyond their job description to help out all of the agents at The Pepper Group Group, they are the backbone of the company."
Tess Fisher
"I have owned several businesses for over 30 years now and I pride myself on going that extra mile, taking time to be a friend with my clients and letting them know that I am available 24/7 as not only a business person but a friend and its refreshing to find a person like yourself that reflects these same qualities. What impressed me the most was that you and I started about a year ago doing some referrals. We have not landed that big sale, but you are continuing to offer your clients that avenue and the customer service that they expect from you, they now can get with myself in Mexico. Plus you took the time from your busy schedule to come to Mexico, to check out our office and to see for yourself that your clients that you send to us will be handled as if you were taking them by the hand yourself. Not only that but you checked out Puerto Penasco to make sure that indeed it is a great opportunity here and that your clients will be pleased to own here. I have met many of your agents and personally viewed your operation and I was impressed. Its been said that successful people surreound themselves by great people and you have done that. This business can take its toll out of all of us, but like myself you have kept that smile on your face and a an excitement in your voice and that will take you far in this highly competitive business. You are a really neat and cool person and I am happy to have joined forces with you as we move into a new era in Real Estate."
Mike Tobin
"The Pepper Group is an example of why people return to us. We go above and beyond the call of duty to help our clients, even if it means introducing them to another agent in the office, who has more expertise in a geographical area than we do. We unselfishly service our clients, untill THEY are satisfied.."
Jim Hays
Cochise County Manager
"I've been with The Pepper Group since the beginning of Paula Sindelar's broker-ship. Working in Real Estate is hard but to work in an atmosphere that allows you to be who you are, is probably the biggest attribute to working with Paula and The Pepper Group Diversified. I mentioned working with on purpose...Paula allows & welcomes input and creativity helps us as a group & individuals to use our attributes best we can. For a company to understand the fact that you have 2 young children and other endeavors such as promoting my wife's home-based business of XanGo and creating products for the enjoyment of children such as the Silly Slicer, to working as a group to help a client get what they desire and Not what the Company wants for them. I won't tell you it's always rosey but to know you have a broker & a supporting office staff, I like to call our "Jewels" (Juliann & Julie) make those times seem "not-so-bad" and you know it's going to be ok. I treasure the relationships I have made in the Pepper Group & especially the fact that I can say my broker is more of a confidant/friend that an employer."
Chris Willis
"While working for you I have been able to do all kinds of things from Quickbooks, (which you sent me to class for), keeping records on Excel (making columns to keep whatever statistics you want) and also enabling me to use my creative talents in Marketing by making a coloring book to creating flyers, postcards, advertising & whatever comes up. I love working with you, you have given me the chance to learn a lot of new things. I hope we can keep on learning & growing as a company."
Julie Castle
"I have worked with several different Real Estate companies, and by far The Pepper Group understands clients and how to work hard for them. I enjoy being part of this team, and being part of helping people buy part of the American dream. I have been with The Pepper Group on both sides of the transaction, one being a client with The Pepper Group and now having the awesome opportunity to be a "Pepper". The first thing that jumps out at me about working with The Pepper Group is how much we work as a team. I feel when you can work as a team every option matters, and having a Broker who understands that and encourages growth, not only in Real Estate, but as a person, and how important Family is. We are a team and family here at The Pepper Group and that to me sets aside from the other Real Estate Companies out there. Being a working mom it is not always easy to find someone to watch your child during the school breaks, being able to bring my daughter with me to work has allowed me to be more efficient at work. I could go on and on, but those are just a few things that really mean alto to me about being a part of The Pepper Group Diversified!"
Julianne Valdiviezo
"Why I have chosen to work with The Pepper Group Diversified is simple. An employee or as I like to be called, a co-worker, enjoys more than monetary compensation. Respect is given for your knowledge and past professional history in which all can tap into and shared with genuine desire to see others succeed. This attitude stems from the broker-owner who always has had an open door policy and always has or makes time to listen to you. Training or should I say continued training is always encouraged and supported to all members of the brokerage. A Team effort is the norm in our office with how our high level of communication and paperwork is supported from the office administration staff to the many agents and auxiliary support businesses we interact with. I have had experience working in a large brokerage with the feeling of being a commodity, lost in the shuffle. At TPGD you are always viewed as a person and as a true associate."
Gary Andros
"One reason I moved from a large, national company is the feeling of camaraderie present at The Pepper Group. The atmosphere around the office is personal—I feel like my needs, therfore my clients' needs, matter. Being able to speak with my broker without having to make an appointment or try something without having to wait 6 weeks for a decision is critical in a fast-paced business. Real Estate is a highly personal marketplace and being able to convey this care to our friends and customers is a plus that isn't available from a large firm. Each person is unique, important and adds something to the group—and the beauty of it all is that it works to the customer's benefit."
Kent Simpson

We at The Pepper Group look forward to making you part of our business family,
and enjoy reading what EVERYONE has to say about us.

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