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NEWS FLASH: Tucson Now Sells Biodiesel To The Public!
Tucson Arizona is now offering biodiesel fuel straight from the pump,
for use in ANY diesel powered vehicles and engines.
NO conversion of any diesel vehicle equipment is required to use biodiesel fuel.
Biodiesel B100 is now available at the Go Go Mart,
Three ways to locate alternative fuels:
(1) (2) (3) U.S. Department of Energy
An interesting article on: BioDiesel in Arizona

The green home encourages a whole-systems approach through design and building techniques to minimize environmental impact and reduce the energy consumption of buildings while contributing to the health of its occupants. It is our belief that all new buildings should be designed to take account of their impact on the environment, locally and globally, to be designed in harmony with nature and to use only sustainable natural resources. We encourage site analysis of the local environment, noise, pollution, sun orientation, access, overshadowing and water resources.

Design to reduce energy needs by solar gain, solar energy, heat recovery, use of materials with low embodied energy, high insulation, renewable energy sources, sun, wind and water. Use of natural sustainable materials of timber, clay, plant based materials, and recycled materials. Creation of 'healthy buildings', use of non toxic materials, organic paints and finishes, breathing walls, etc. A green home will save you money on your energy, and healthcare bills long into the future.

Do you want a beautiful, practical, environmentally responsive home at a fair price? You can ensure your family's comfort by making your home less dependent on traditional energy sources. A new or remodeled home utilizing passive solar design can save more than 90% off your heating and cooling bills. This is a better return than traditional investments. Plus, solar homes can be quite beautiful. Whether you just want to remodel your current home or build a whole new green home, an ecologically conscious firm, can help you realize your dream.

A number of interested parties have joined forces to design and construct a home that will serve as a model of water conservation and energy efficiency for the general public, developers, homebuilders, the business community, and government officials. Green homes demonstrate that water and energy-efficient features can be incorporated aesthetically and economically into single-family homes without reducing their sales appeal and residents' quality of life.

The water efficiency goal of a green home is 100 gallons per capita per day (gpcd). Present Phoenix residential water use is approximately 180 gpcd. Features of the green home would, therefore reduces both indoor and outdoor water use by almost 40%.

We at The Pepper Group™ Diversified Real Estate are proud supporters of environmentally inspired real estate. Arizona lots, acreage, and building envelopes that support the environment are available. For a complete information package on arizona green build real estate please contact us exclusively at: or (520) 977-0003.

Self Magazine:
Tucson's a Healthy Green

By Sheila Monaghan

Tucson ranks No. 1 in Healthiest Environment for Women in the December issue of Self Magazine.

Here's what they say: "This area - tops on our list for its combo of clean air, water and land - boasts one of the largest arrays of solar panels in the world, converting enough of its ample sunshine to meet the annual electrical needs of nearly 730 homes, says Joe Salkowski of Tucson Electric Power. Plus, the amount of water a typical home uses each month has dropped by nearly 750 gallons over the past five years."

They also offer advice for other cities that want to get as green as Tucson.

  • Get in the saddle. Tucson residents prevent pollution by pedaling their way to work, aided by 475 miles of bike lanes, a free loaner program for city workers and buses outfitted with racks. Mulling your own two-wheel commute? Talk to your building's facility manager about putting in a bike rack.
  • Protect your liquid assets. Free workshops have helped Tucsonans drastically reduce water consumption. Among the tips: Dig channels to direct rain to your plants, and water the lawn for longer, less often -- it's better for root growth than watering using frequent, short bursts.
  • Catch some rays. Residents get a kickback of about 35 percent of the cost when they install solar panels. The IRS will give you one, too, as may your utility company.

For more information please contact The Pepper Group Diversified Green Real Estate Specialisits at: or (520) 977-0003

Strategies for water conservation include:

* low-water-use plants
* efficient irrigation systems with seasonal control and moisture sensors
* contoured yard, patios, and walk ways directing rain to plants
* rooftop rainwater harvesting for direct use by plants or for storage and later irrigation of plants
* experimental graywater reuse for subsurface irrigation

* 1-gallon-per-flush toilets using municipal water
* 2.75-gallon-per-minute or less low-flow showerheads
* 1.5-gallon-per-minute or less faucet aerators
* hot water loop
* sewer discharge limited to toilets, kitchen sink, and dishwasher

Strategies for energy conservation include:

* run equipment during evening/early morning hours
* thermal mass
* landscaping, porches, and outdoor living spaces adjacent to the home to provide optimum shade for the structure and maximum outdoor living area
* high-efficiency heat pump
* in-line solar hot water preheater
* hot water supply loop to all faucets
* hot water tank and pipe insulation
* cost-effective and energy-efficient appliances
* double-glazed windows/doors
* sun screens
* orientation
* appropriately sized windows and skylights for daylighting and passive solar gain in winter
* vented roof
* insulation

The unique features of green homes:

* Passive cooling through natural convection
* Back-up to passive solar gain heating
* Standing-seam metal roof
* Dual method passive solar heating
* Solar chill evaporative cooler
* Super insulated steel wall system
* Water harvesting fence

A green home is the result of designing and building affordable, healthy, comfortable, durable, energy efficient and environmentally responsible houses. A green home utilizes recycled materials, super-insulation, thermal mass, passive solar gain for heat and water, optimal solar shading, active solar and passive convection cooling, divine inspiration, as well as gray and rainwater harvesting to achieve a balance between resource conservation and affordability. The green home is an example of 'affordable sustainability'. It is eco-nomical to build and operate with inexpensive, durable, passive and low maintenance systems and it is eco-logical by design with resource conservative features combined with environmentally low impact building materials.

A green home is intended to raise the water and energy conservation awareness of builders, landscapers, suppliers, government officials, and the general public. A green home demonstrates that conservation can occur in an attractive and comfortable residence, without major expense or change in lifestyle, in an urban setting.

We at The Pepper Group™ Diversified Real Estate are proud supporters of environmentally inspired real estate. Arizona lots, acreage, and building envelopes that support the environment are available. For a complete information package on arizona green build real estate please contact us exclusively at: or (520) 977-0003.

What is Natural Construction "Green Building"?

Natural "Green" building is based on a philosophy that places the highest value on social and environmental sustainability. Natural building is about integrating our built environments into their local ecologies and communities with a minimal amount of adverse effects on local and distant environments. We believe that natural building improves lives in many ways. It allows us to show deep respect for our immediate environment and gives us the chance to make responsible decisions regarding distant environments. Our goal is to use minimally refined and manufactured, non-toxic, natural materials.

Natural building is not new, but it is revolutionary. Most of our grandparents, including those of us from the industrialized North, practiced natural building. Before the advent of standardization, mass production, and long-distance transport, people relied on locally available materials to house their family. During the last century there has been a shift towards the import of building materials, causing disastrous effects on ecosystems, cultures, and communities. But we have a choice. By exchanging earth and straw bale for concrete and cement, by choosing locally milled lumber and roundwood over lumber that has been unsustainably harvested, and opting for natural clay plasters, washes, and paints instead of dangerous chemical varnishes, stuccoes and paints, we can exert a force to affect change in our economies and in our lifestyles.

Green building continues to gain momentum every year as demand grows and builders begin to focus on filling that demand. Going green no longer means geodesic domes or strange-looking houses, owned by staunch environmentalists. Green has become more and more mainstream over the past several decades, until a sizable number of new homes contain at least some green features. The Pepper Group works introduces Reflective Technology International to encourage the practicality of Green Building Energy Efficient Homes.

Green Building Energy Efficient Homes Radiant Barrier InsulationRadiant Barrier
Reflect-O-Tech's Radiant Barrier Insulation is ideal for your home. It is probably the first improvement all home owners should invest in. It is inexpensive and results in dramatic drops in energy bills. Not only does it reflect up to 97% of radiant heat, it's also a vapor and radon barrier. Some applications for it are:
(1) Put Reflect-O-Tech's Radiant Barrier Insulation in your attic to prevent heat build up during summer months and reduce heat loss during winter. Your air conditioner and furnace will thank you. (2) Use Reflect-O-Tech's Radiant Barrier Insulation to insulate below your floors and you will prevent downward heat loss, and decrease utility loads. (3) Install Reflect-O-Tech's Radiant Barrier Insulation in your sidewalls to enhance the performance of mass insulation by reducing drafts, and as sound insulation providing a thermal break and creating a more thorough building envelope. (4) Insulate your water heater and ductwork with Reflect-O-Tech's Radiant Barrier Insulation to save energy by minimizing water and air temperature fluctuation, thus reducing cycle time.

Cob is the Old English word for an earth building technique that combines clay sediment, sand, fiber, and water, which is hand sculpted to form walls, benches, ovens, and fireplaces. Variations of this technique are found around the globe and through the millennia. Cob building makes use of readily available, affordable, non-toxic materials to build beautiful, organic structures. Historical and anecdotal evidence has proven cob buildings to be long-lived, weather-resistant, earthquake-resistant, and comfortable. As pressure to continue manufacturing toxic building components while degrading our environments for building materials increases, cob provides an excellent, affordable alternative.

straw bale tucson arizonaStraw bale
Straw bale building was common in Nebraska during the early twentieth century. The renaissance of this building material began in the late 1970s and early 1980s and is even stronger today. Straw bale building makes use of an underutilized waste product of agriculture. Straw bales are stacked like giant masonry blocks, usually pinned together with rebar, wooden or bamboo stakes. The massive straw bale walls provide a high insulation value calculated between R42 and R70 (compared to an R-value of 10 to 15 for stud frame walls). Building with straw bales can decrease the amount of lumber needed for a building, lower its energy costs, and can be more affordable than conventional stick frame buildings. Marrying the insulating properties and speed of straw bale construction with the thermal mass and compressive strength of cob is a concept currently under research.

slipstraw slip straw tucson arizonaSlipstraw
This is also known as straw light clay. Slipstraw is a building material made by coating straw with clay slip. Slipstraw combines a readily available, affordable material that has good thermal retention, namely earth, with the excellent insulating abilities of fiber. This creates a lightweight, insulative building material that is resistant to fire, insects and rot. It can be packed between forms to build freestanding walls. It can also be used to insulate walls and roof spaces. Recently, people have been experimenting with woodchips and clay slip to create a similar material to slipstraw.

natural plasters tucsonNatural plasters
Beautiful plasters and washes can be created with earth. Around the world, people have developed different techniques of combining materials such as clay, sand, straw, hair, gypsum, lime, and dung to create natural finishes. A rainbow palette of clays and minerals can be used to produce colors, patterns, and textures to finish the walls of a building.

masonry tucson arizonaMasonry
This technique utilizes stone, fired brick, and other materials such as recycled concrete to build foundations and walls. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, shaped and unshaped stone was a common building material. Stones are stacked dry or with lime-sand or earthen mortars. Stone, brick, block, and urbanite are important materials providing a strong foundation for many natural buildings.

roundwood round wood carpentry tucson arizonaRoundwood carpentry
A timeless, natural approach to the use of wood, timber is used without being squared by sawing or hewing. The integrity and strength of the wood are maintained by retaining its natural shape. The forest is a supermarket of sizes and geometries for posts, beams, and rafters.

recycled green building material tucson arizonaFinding and using recycled materials
The use of recycled and refurbished materials is in harmony with the philosophy of natural building. Windows, glass, doors, fixtures, lumber, bricks, and more are being brought to landfills every day. Thankfully, many places have set up collection and distribution sites where the thrifty and aware can pick up these types of materials either for free or for a minimal fee. Hunting for, repairing and refurbishing, and finally using recycled materials helps us to break out from our society's 'throw-away' mentality.

ecological passive solar design tucson arizonaEcological passive solar design
Passive solar design allows the sun to heat and cool a building. It utilizes the sun's heat and the shade's coolness to keep the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Thermal mass stores the warmth of the sun during the day and releases it throughout the night, and insulation helps you keep the warm air inside you structure. Well-designed passive solar houses require little if any extra heating or cooling.

We at The Pepper Group™ Diversified Real Estate are proud supporters of environmentally inspired real estate. Arizona lots, acreage, and building envelopes that support the environment are available. For a complete information package on arizona green build real estate please contact us exclusively at: or (520) 977-0003.

For a "Green-Friendly" New Home Builder in Southern Arizona
(please let them know that The Pepper Group Diversified sent you):

Financial Incentives

Direct Equipment Sales
  • APS - Remote Solar Electric Services
  • TEP - SunShare PV Purchase
  • Personal Deduction
  • Qualifying Wood Stove Deduction
  • Personal Tax Credit
  • Solar and Wind Energy Systems Credit
  • Sales Tax Exemption
  • Solar and Wind Equipment Sales Tax Exemption
  • Utility Rebate Program
  • APS - Solar Partners Plus - EPS Credit Purchase Program
  • TEP - SunShare PV Buydown

  • Investment & Awareness Programs

    Demonstration Project
  • APS - STAR Center Virtual Tour
  • Scottsdale - PV Projects
  • Tucson - Renewable Energy Projects
  • Green Pricing Program
  • APS - Solar Partners
  • SRP - EarthWise Energy
  • TEP - GreenWatts
  • Green Purchase/Aggregation
  • Scottsdale - Green Power Purchasing
  • Public Education/Assistance
  • APS - Project Sol
  • Scottsdale - Green Building Program
  • Tucson - Million Solar Roofs

  • Rules, Regulations & Policies

    Construction/Design Standard
  • Maricopa Assn. Of Governments - Solar Permitting Standards
  • Scottsdale - Green Building Program
  • Tucson - Sustainable Energy Standard
  • Contractor Licensing
  • Solar Contractor Licensing
  • Energy Management Program
  • Tucson - Solar Dividend
  • Equipment Certification
  • Solar Equipment Certification
  • Generation Disclosure
  • Fuel Mix and Emissions Disclosure
  • Line Extension Analysis
  • Line Extension Analysis for PV
  • Net Metering Rules
  • Net Metering
  • Renewables Portfolio Standard
  • Environmental Portfolio Standard
  • Solar Access Law/Guideline
  • Solar Energy Covenant Restrictions
  • State Construction Policy
  • Solar Design Standards for State Buildings

  • We at The Pepper Group™ Diversified Real Estate are proud supporters of environmentally inspired real estate. Arizona lots, acreage, and building envelopes that support the environment are available.

    For a complete information package on arizona green build real estate
    please contact us exclusively at:
    (520) 977-0003

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