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Benefits Of Owning A Home

  1. Great investment and property appreciates in value.

  2. Eventually pay off payment stops and rent never stops.

  3. Payment stays constant and rent goes up.

  4. Tax benefits of deducting interest and property taxes from income.

  5. Equity in home acts as a savings plan that you can borrow on.

  6. Pride of owning own home.

  7. Security that no one can evict you or sell out from under you.

  8. More pride in neighborhood.

  9. Kids fair better.

Purchase Price
One must first accept the truth that "you get what you pay for." Indeed, you may find a hidden treasure by scouring foreclosure and legal advertisements in newspapers around your city. But these and other homes that are marketed as "unbelievable deals" many times leave much to be desired in terms of the end product as well as the details of the deal itself.

During this decade, the housing market has been overpriced. The seller would always be able to earn more on the value of the home than it's actual value. The price of homes escalated rapidly. As people purchased this overpriced homes, the economy changed or they were unable to refinance bad loans and foreclosures skyrocketed. That forced banks and lenders to sell these homes at "discounts".

Please think this through. If a product is overpriced to begin with, the "discounted price" is also most likely higher than the actual value of the home. Is this truly a bargain or is the seller creating a false "discounted" market for the homes to get them out of inventory while still earning a generous profit.

Builders generally sell to meet the market demand. This means that a builder will sell at the price that the market will bear. The value of the home is where you, the market, determines it to be. So you set the value and you get a new, not used, home that meets your desires.

Negotiating Room
People will tell you that it is easier to negotiate with an individuals versus a builder. When comparing dollar-to-dollar, this in not true. In either case, you may or may not have much leverage in negotiating with either. Personal or business circumstances determine the possibilities that exist. The builder advantage is that you can negotiate money with both, but in addition, you can negotiate the products and home components with a builder. Spaces can be enlarged or reduced, fences can be added, lighting can be increased, appliances can be upgraded or downgraded. Sellers have neither the motivation nor the resources to be as flexible in the deal as a builder.

Financing Options
Because there are so many financing options for existing homes, people claim better ones exist. More does not necessarily mean better. The myriad number of financing options for existing homes has developed into being one of the highest foreclosure and bankruptcy states in the country. Many times, you will not get the optimal loan. Lender's fees, mortgage length and terms, closing cost fees, down payments and so much more become confusing and convoluted in your rush to close the deal on a new home. Professionals know this and some will lead you astray. It is nearly impossible to compare all facets of a mortgage loan because it is rarely an apples-to-apples comparison.

When getting a loan to build a home you have two options:
You can obtain financing through the builder, if available. The terms and conditions are usually predetermined and have some flexibility for negotiation.
You can obtain a construction loan from a lender with a permanent mortgage to follow when the work is complete. In many cases, you can close both of these loans simultaneously to reduce the associated closing costs.

The overall cost of the loan will be competitive to standard mortgages and you will not have to be concerned about the confusion of loan choices that are sometimes geared to rip you off.

Customization, Character: & Amenities
Building a new PBS home allows you the opportunity to insert your tastes and needs into the process from the beginning. Why settle for ok when you can choose the things that you truly want in a home? Although antique homes have an old-fashioned character, building a new PBS home allows you to add your own character.

In addition, most new homes are built in areas where the population is growing, new schools and hospitals are being built, as well as shopping centers and other conveniences. Older existing homes may be located in areas of decline, which makes shopping, travel and security inconvenient and a cause for concern

Energy Efficiency
PBS uses leading-edge technology to save you money as long as you own the home. Even recently built homes aren't nearly as energy efficient as what you will get with a PBS home because we build for the purpose of energy efficiency. You purchase new clothes, new cars, new computers and new appliances; why buy an old home. This is the most expensive purchase you will make in your lifetime. Use today's technology to save money by saving energy. Use the money you save for enjoying your home and your family. We can save you at least 50% on your heating and cooling bills alone.

Maintenance & Safety
One very amusing saying is that an existing house is a better deal because "you already know what the problems are". A 1975 AMC Pacer has had its share of problems. Do you select that car instead of a new Mercedes because you don't know what problems a Mercedes might have yet? It is cheaper to cover up problems that exist than to fix them. Has this existing home's problems been completely fixed or just covered up until you purchase it? How major are the issues and how much will they cost to repair now and in the future?

Let's be realistic. The "wisdom of age" notion makes much more sense when dealing with humans than it does when dealing with homes. When you have the ability to view the construction of your own home, the builder has a built in motivation to do the work right. At PBS, we provide guarantees so that you will be safe and comfortable in your new home. Why chance shady craftsmanship? You have your family, your money and yourself to protect.

"Do I need a realtor?"

Yes. Without a doubt, a good REALTOR professional can make all the difference in the experience of buying property. For most of us, this is our beginning real estate purchase, and it's critical to have someone who's understanding, experienced, and who intimately knows the area.

The real estate agent's job is to do the initial leg work for you: to find properties that match your specifications, and make appointments for you to see them. If necessary, ask for references of previous customers to gauge their track record. Once you become interested in a property, The Pepper Group Diversified REALTOR will guide you through the various stages of the home purchase. At that point, The Pepper Group Diversified REALTOR will put you in touch with the other important members of our real estate "team," including a home inspector, a mortgage broker, a lawyer, and a tax accountant. Contact us today.

#1 Purchasing Real Estate Myth:

"I have to pay a buyer's commission fee to my
The Pepper Group Diversified REALTOR."

False. The Realtor's Fee is paid by the Seller, and if both parties have a Realtor, they split the commission. So hiring The Pepper Group Diversified REALTOR professional agent won't personally cost you ANYTHING.

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