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Business and Corporate Relocation Services

The Pepper Group™ Diversified Real Estate Company is a private business property search and corporate relocation consultancy based in Tucson, Arizona. Our commercial relocation area locates new business premises for companies who are too busy to spend precious time in sourcing their next workplace, as well as organize the relocation of all family members. We are dedicated to providing a tailored service designed to remove all hassles out of the moving process so that you can get on with running your business, rather than running around trying to do everything at once.

Even in good times, it's important to evaluate your business operating expenses periodically to be sure you're fiscally developing your business as well as possible; in lean times, when good fiscal management can mean the difference between showing a profit or going into the red, it's crucial.

While there are many operating expenses, such as the cost of business licenses, that you can't do anything about, the costs of operating your business in your current location are within your control. By relocating your business, you may be able to enjoy considerable monthly savings on your lease rate.

Do your business premises need to be where they are now? You may be able to cut down your monthly expenses considerably simply by moving from a downtown office to a suburb. In some cases, if you choose carefully, your business will benefit from the rejuvenation of a particular "new" area, as its popularity rises.

Can your business profit from a move to a new location? A great deal depends on what kind of business you operate and where you move to. When you're thinking about relocating, the lease rate is not the only consideration. A lower monthly lease rate is always appealing, but if you're thinking about relocating, you also have to think about how moving your business may affect your business' profits.

If you're thinking about relocating your business, our clients' relocations continue to be successful because they moved to a location that was compatible with their goal of improving their business' visibility and attracting more customers.

To meet the needs of a rapidly growing region of Southern Arizona, The Pepper Group™ Diversified Real Estate Company serves as an economic development agency for the greater Tucson area and its surrounding community. The Pepper Group™ Diversified strengthens the Tucson region by providing leadership with vision and coordination. Our team offers an integrated approach of programs and services to support the creation of new businesses, the expansion of existing businesses within the region, and the attraction of companies that offer high value jobs and share the community's values.

The City of Tucson, Pima County, and the private business community are committed to a pro-business environment that will promote and sustain economic and job growth for the Greater Tucson. Since 1991, Arizona has seen an overall decrease in tax burden. In addition, great strides have been made in the form of technology and research tax credits. Direct financial incentives include:
  • Workforce Training Grants.
  • State Tax Credits.
  • Federal Tax Credits.
  • Federal Grant Bonus Points.
  • HubZone Contracting Program.
  • Fee Waivers & Refunds.
  • Revolving Energy Loans.
  • Pollution Control Equipment Credit.
  • Central Business District Property Tax Abatement.
  • Reduced Property Taxes (by Reclassification).
  • Reduced State Taxes (by Accelerated Depreciation of Personal Property).

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For more information on these financial incentives and all possible business relocations, please contact The Pepper Group™ Diversified Business Corporate Relocation Specialists at: (520) 977-0003 or

Tremendous weather, unique landscapes, rich culture, easy access to every leisure activity on land or water, a well-educated populace, casual lifestyle, affordable quality housing, low cost of living, top-notch healthcare and a business environment poised to explode -- Tucson is a great choice for your next business relocation.

Tucson has been dubbed "Optics Valley" and a "Mini-Mecca for the Arts." Its citizens fondly refer to it as "The Old Pueblo." Once you get to know it, you'll want to call it "home." Arizona is a leader in creating and supporting the Industry Cluster concept. What is an Industry Cluster? Industry clusters are geographic concentrations of competing, complementary, or interdependent firms and industries that do business with each other and/or have common needs for talent, technology, and infrastructure. The Industry Cluster concept:

  • Promotes collaboration.
  • Enhances research and production capabilities.
  • Creates more powerful advocacy for common needs:
    infrastructure improvements, workforce development and tax relief.
  • Significantly improves the bottom line.

Southern Arizona is the home to major military installations as well as prominent companies in the high tech and aerospace industry and major medical and research facilities. The University of Arizona is located in Tucson as well as one of the largest community colleges in the nation.

Get to know the diverse population that makes this burgeoning city go. The Tucson Metropolitan Area has grown significantly in the last decade. Projections estimate population will top one million people by 2010. The population is educated and ethnically diverse, providing a rich labor resource. Net migration augments the population as more people move to Tucson to enjoy a lower cost of living, more temperate climate and other benefits. Long-term ratios of in- to out-migration fluctuate between 4:3 and 3:2.

A nationally acclaimed University of Arizona and the eighth-largest multi-campus Pima Community College system make Tucson an extremely well-educated city. Tucson's highly educated workforce has led to a high level of under-employment. 85% of Tucsonans of high school graduation age have received diplomas (national average is 80%). 30% of the population have had four plus years of college (national average is 24%). As education costs rise, more students are supplementing their incomes with employment while in school. 120,000 students are enrolled each year in University of Arizona and Pima College. The majority of University of Arizona graduate students are 23-26 years old. A majority of Pima College students are 20-29 years old. In other schools of the area, top-notch vocational and technical schools provide a steady influx of skilled workers. Where high school sophomores, juniors and seniors round out an important base of low-cost labor.

A strategic location: Tucson is only 60 miles from Nogales, Sonora on the Mexican border. That close proximity, combined with concerted efforts by government agencies to greatly enhance international opportunities, makes Tucson a tremendous location to increase the scope and potential profit centers of your business. A growing part of this region's economy is benefiting from the major manufacturing (maquila) industry expanding in the state of Sonora, Mexico. With the North American Free Trade Agreement, Tucson is perfectly positioned for companies interested in maximizing the benefits of the agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States of America. In 2004, Arizona exports to Mexico, the State of Arizona's #1 trading partners, totaled approximately $4 billion according to the United States Department of Commerce. Exports to Canada, our second largest trading partner, neared $2 billion.

Discover the business advantages of relocating in Tucson. Although Tucson has long been known as a great place to live, its reputation as a great place to work, especially in the high-tech industry, is becoming widely recognized. Evidence of Tucson's high-tech activity includes:

  • Tucson's ranking of 14th in its high-tech manufacturing output
    as a percent of total manufacturing output in a 2003 study by the Milkin Institute.
  • Tucson supports 1500+ companies and 50,000+ high-tech jobs
    in Technology Clusters with annual revenues approaching $4 billion.
  • Business infrastructure built to support any company.
  • Low costs for labor, materials, utilities and more:
    among the lowest in the U.S.

Find the perfect location and capitalize on the fact that real estate costs have not yet caught up with the growth and development of Tucson's business profile. Tucson has fully improved land and existing space to suit the needs of the diverse marketplace of firms considering expansion or relocation.

Multiple Industrial Parks:

  • Strategically located near interstates or major transportation corridors.
  • 40+ million square feet of industrial space in the area.
  • Existing space and fully improved land for build-to-suit facilities.
  • 20% vacancy of leasable space.
  • Locations within designated Foreign Trade Zones, Enterprise Zones
    and the Empowerment Zone offering potential for tax advantages
    as set forth by state and federal government programs.

University of Arizona Science and Technology Park:

  • Master-planned development on 1,500 acres (former IBM facility).
  • Approximately 2,000,000 square feet of highly improved space.
  • 400 acres with 1000 acres available for future development.
  • 10 miles from the University of Arizona and Tucson's central business district.
  • 5 miles from Tucson International Airport.
  • 60 miles from Mexico, 110 miles from Phoenix, and adjacent to I-10.
  • Rail access via Union Pacific Railroad.
  • Partners with nationally known companies in the fields of Aerospace, Optics,
    Bioindustry, Software Technology, and Environmental Technology.
  • Companies located within the park include Raytheon Missile Systems, IBM,
    CitiGroup, Sion Power, LSI Logic, Acenta Discovery, Technology Development
    Research Institute, Earth Knowledge and Medipacks.

Office space, office leasing or purchase can be negotiated with one of our Tucson's real estate professionals at The Pepper Group™ Diversified Business Corporate Relocation Center. With over 40+ million square feet of commercial office space within over 1000 office complexes, we can help you and your company. Please contact us at: (520) 977-0003 or

For land available for construction, the Tucson's national and international The Pepper Group™ Diversified Business Relocation Specialists can also provide new construction. Shell industrial facilities will typically feature:

  • Concrete tilt-up with standard docks.
  • Mixed glass with concrete facades.
  • Standard parking with expansion on property
    that can accommodate 40'+ frieight trucks.
  • Common area landscaping.

Permitting made easy here, The City of Tucson and Pima County operate a joint Development Services Center that handles all issues relative to development, including planning, zoning, permitting and building inspections. All permitting and inspections can be performed on a fast-track basis with a full-time project manager assigned to your project to help ensure problem-free, timely improvements and/or construction:

  • The Development Services Center is a one-stop planning and construction center
    that promotes land development and plan reviews.
  • To help fast-track the permitting process, a new information system,
    Interactive Voice Response system, has been installed by Pima County and the
    City of Tucson, and allows homeowners and contractors to schedule building code
    inspections and to retrieve inspection results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Development Services customers can have their plans reviewed electronically.

The workforce of Southern Arizona offers employers both depth and breadth in available workforce, with a well-educated population growing at twice the national rate. Workforce enrichment programs and a high level of under-employment create a lucrative hiring market. Primary labor force is:

  • 65% of population in Pima County is 16+ years old as of 2000 Census.
  • Median age is 36 years.
  • 600,000 Tucsonans in metropolitan area as of December 2005.
  • Tucson continues to grow at nearly 30,000 residents each year.

Hiring assistance through the Arizona Department of Economic Security's Job Service Bank providing:

  • Helps employers enlist the talent needed to begin or expand operations in Tucson.
  • Services may include management of applicant traffic, application completion
    and initial screening.

Davis Monthan Airforce Base (DMAFB):

  • Employs approximately 10,000 workers, many of whom have spouses and dependents
    employed off-Base; these workers can be accessed through the DMAFB Family Support
    unit in cooperation with the Arizona Department of Economic Security's Job Service Bank.
  • Nearly 1000 people retire from DMAFB each year creating a dependable annual influx
    of skilled workers

It is also important to recognize the realized potential growth of the surrounding communities:

The City of Oro Valley is located six miles north of Tucson, sits at an elevation of 3,000 feet, covers over 40 square miles and, has a current population of nearly 50,000 people. Oro Valley's high-tech industrial park, Rancho Vistoso Park, consists of 80+ acres and is zoned for high-tech industries and corporate office space. The Town of Oro Valley is also the home of a new state-of-the-art Northwest Medical Center-Oro Valley and an accompanying medical office park. The Park and Medical Center, in conjunction with La Reserve (home of Honeywell), provides the community with the necessary infrastructure to develop a firm platform for future economic development in the various sectors of research and development, as well as high technology industries.

The City of Marana is located adjacent to Interstate 10 just north of Tucson, is nearly 120 square miles with an estimated population of 30,000. Marana is developing a premier industrial park at the intersection of I-10 and Cortaro Farms Road. The Continental Ranch Business Park, consisting of 300 improved industrial zoned acres, is home to high-tech companies like Sargent Controls. In addition, Marana has zoned 2000 acres for future industrial development that allows for research and development and high-tech manufacturing use.

And this is all-inclusive with the famous overall Southern Arizona lifestyle, including over 300 sunny days a year, casual dress, vibrant culture, outstanding dining. What's not to like? Metropolitan Tucson covers some 600 square miles, situated in a valley of Sonoran Desert vegetation with magnificent mountains on every side that rise to heights above 9,000 feet. Travelers come from thousands of miles away to enjoy Tucson's pleasant climate, spectacular scenery, great golf, world-famous attractions and laid-back lifestyle. Everything that makes Tucson a great place to visit, makes it an even better place to live.

From a purchase or rental perspective we can assist in all aspects of moving your office right down to the the front reception desk. Our corporate relocation function assists in finding suitable accommodation for company employees needing to relocate for their job. Again from a rental or purchase perspective, we will find the right property for the right budget and take all family considerations into account while doing so:

Commercial Relocation:
  • Initial no obligation consultation.
  • Proactive search and
    unaccompanied viewings.
  • Shortlist and
    accompanied viewings.
  • Negotiation.
  • Contract development.
  • Assistance with moving
    and related services.
  • Space Planning services.
Corporate Relocation:
  • Exhaustive search brief
    taking all family requirements
    into consideration.
  • Proactive search and
    unaccompanied viewings.
  • Shortlist and
    accompanied viewings.
  • Negotiation.
  • Contract development.
  • Assistance with moving
    and related services.

The Pepper Group™ Diversified Real Estate Company's focus is the growth, retention and expansion of existing local businesses and the recruitment of new companies to our region. Our mission is to promote the creation and retention of quality jobs and to help diversify and stabilize the local economy. The Pepper Group™ Diversified is extremely proud and happy to share our experience with you and your company. To contact The Pepper Group™ Diversified Business Corporate Relocation Specialists: (520) 977-0003 or

Our comprehensive and interactive company profiles the capabilities of Arizona businesses and provides easy access to these resources for buyers with immediate procurement needs, companies seeking longer-term relationships and business looking for relocation partners.

These are some of the best Tucson-specific articles we've ever read, a simple and complete explanation of the incredible Real Estate market Tucson is experiencing; and forecasted to continue to experience for many years to come. It may be a helpful summary for you:

Arizona Now Tops the Nation in Growth
Breaks Nevada's 20-Year Grip on the Title

By Howard Fischer, Arizona Daily Star

New figures today from the U.S. Census Bureau show Arizona is now the fastest-growing state in the nation. Its 4 percent population increase between 2005 and 2006 broke the stranglehold Nevada had on the title for the prior 20 years.

The addition of 220,000 Arizonans during that period boosted the official state population to 6,500,000 -- good enough to bump Tennessee, which added only 83,000 new residents, from its spot as the 16th-largest state in the nation. When the last formal census was taken in 2000, Arizona was just 20th. The state is only about 300,000 residents behind Massachusetts, which is growing at just 0.6 percent a year.

Lawmakers pumped an extra $345 million into the budget last session to accelerate road construction. But they were able to do that only because the state was running a surplus, permitting legislators to provide a tax cut and finance new programs.

The Arizona Department of Housing said that about 47 percent of renters and 27 percent of homeowners paid more than 30 percent of income for housing -- a figure the agency considers the benchmark of affordability.

So far, all that growth has not translated into higher unemployment. In fact, new figures released Thursday by the Department of Economic Security put the state's seasonally adjusted jobless rate for November at 4.1 percent, down from 4.7 percent a year earlier. The nationwide rate is 4.5 percent.

New residents also mean new schools -- lots of them. The state School Facilities Board already is planning to build 31 schools this budget year to accommodate 29,000 youngsters.

According to the Census Bureau, 130,000 people moved here from other states. Another 30,000 are international migrants.

Growth Increase in Population from 2005 to 2006:

  • Arizona: 3.6%
  • Nevada: 3.5%
  • Idaho: 2.6%
  • Georgia: 2.5%
  • Texas: 2.5%
  • Utah: 2.4%
  • North Carolina: 2.1%
  • Colorado: 1.9%
  • Florida: 1.8%
  • South Carolina: 1.7%

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Arizona Tops Nevada as Fastest Growing State


WASHINGTON (Dec. 22) -- Arizona: It's not just for retired Midwesterners. Arizona is attracting people from across the U.S. and across the border at such a pace that it is now the fastest-growing state in the country, replacing Nevada, which had held the crown for 20 straight years. The new population figures were released by the Census Bureau.

"It used to be merely a retirement magnet for Midwest seniors," said William Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank. "Now it's an escape hatch for Californians seeking affordable housing."

Arizona led the nation with a population growth rate of 3.6 percent in the past year, followed by Nevada, Idaho, Georgia and Texas. "Every area where there's private land there's some form of development going on or being considered," said Century 21 real estate offices in Phoenix and Sierra Vista. "We've been in the business 25 years and we have never seen anything like this."

Wuerch said Arizona's real estate market has cooled after sizzling for several years. Still, he said, the market remains stronger than in other parts of the country, with growing medical and high-tech industries providing the jobs, and the sunshine providing the allure. "Good climate and affordability seem to be the draws for Americans this decade," said Frey, the demographer.

Forecasters See Real Estate Riding Population Wave

By "Inside Tucson Business"

Although Tucson rests in the middle of the Sonoran desert, the city's rising tide is expected to continue raising all boats, at least when it comes to the real estate market in Southern Arizona.

In their 15th annual industry recap and forecast, members of the Tucson area chapter of the CIM real estate networking and educational association, heard from last year's winning forecasters and additional industry experts. The forecasters said that Tucson's continuing influx of residents will keep all sectors booming for the indefinite future.

Noting that the CIM conference attracted almost 400 participants for this year, a record for the Southern Arizona chapter, CIM president said, "This is testimony to both the strength of the market and the level of interest in it."

"Macro-economic events affect everything," said 2005 appraisal forecast winner, principal of MJN Enterprises. "In Tucson, our drivers start with the housing market, and while housing starts here are high in relation to the number of new residents, as compared to other cities, loan service costs in relation to individual debt remain low, indicating that there's no risk of a housing bubble."

What the city's housing numbers do point to is continued pressure on construction costs and land prices, which will push up apartment prices, put a premium on retail space nearest the new housing and more demand for offices and industrial property.

"When 2004 was the hottest market on record, nobody expected 2005 to be even hotter," said a accredited land consultant. "We normally average about 2.5 people per house. If you look at the 28,000 people who moved to Tucson in 2005, a total of 11,200 homes were sold to meet their needs. That means 1,000 homes were sold to meet speculator demand, but even with these homes back on the market, I would still predict 10,000 new homes sold in 2006."

"That total also subtracts the potential purchasers of condominium conversions. With between 2,500 and 5,000 of them planned, mostly for the Catalina Foothills, they will make their mark," the consultant said.

Beyond Tucson, he said even more sales are likely outside of metropolitan boundaries as the city's growth continues on the periphery in Catalina, south on I-19 and beyond Vail into the Benson area. "As office and home builders compete for land, we could continue to see that outward pressure with 500 homes sold, in 2006 alone, in Cochise County."

"Another result of the home sales, themselves, has been fundamental changes in the development process," said a major Tucson Division Builder President. He said the growth of the city and changes in accounting rules mean developers are more likely to acquire unimproved property than take option on it. "We're closing on the land at the preliminary plat, rather than waiting until the final plat."

He said booming sales, which have left real estate developers with a lot of cash, mean there's more to spend on future land inventory. Combined with post-Enron accounting rules that mean land development work "goes on the balance sheet whether we own the land or not, we feel we might as well own it."

As for the condominium market, a Tucson developer, said it's no longer about price. Along with the Catalina Foothills, he said a total of 1,300 condominium units are planned for downtown.

"More residents are choosing the option," he said. For the first time, this group includes those who prefer single-family attached to traditional single-family residential. "They prefer the controlled access and the various amenities that the former apartment complexes offer."

Despite competition from the condominiums and people priced out of the market by increasing home costs, he said, "I would forecast a fantastic year for the industry."

By comparison, the market for multi-family housing will continue to be constrained by a lack of available land and capitalization rates less than mortgage rates, said a founding partner of a Tucson real estate company. Condominium conversions have pushed up per-unit prices and slashed the available inventory, but comparisons between rents in Albuquerque and Las Vegas and household income demonstrate that rents remain lower. "So, there's still a lot of room to raise them."

He called the real estate market "a perfect storm" for buyers and sellers. "There's no where to go but up, which means things are just going to get better and better."

Keeping pace, retail and office markets are also headed upward. "Downtown Tucson retains its 15-year inventory of available space, and retail or office space in older areas," said a president of a Tucson commercial company. "The retail vacancy rate is 8 percent, the lowest since 1988, with the lowest vacancies following the rooftops," he said. With master-planned communities becoming the standard, "developers are answering with better design, meeting the increasingly more local needs of the tenants."

They're also working to meet municipal government demands for designs that fit into the community setting and attention from national retailers. "As the city approaches a million in population they're looking at Tucson with new eyes."

Examining the status of the finance market and mortgage rates, a business development officer for last year's winning Wells Fargo Bank, said the decade-long relative stability of premium mortgage rates will continue, even if continue to slowly climbs. The only thing that will change is the amount of cash available for loans, which should tighten as investment returns to the stock markets, "and this will benefit the real estate market by making investors shift back to looking at market fundamentals."

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