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The Pepper Group Diversified Military Relocation Specialists Network

  • United The Pepper Group Diversified provides tailored military real estate services.
  • The Pepper Group Diversified is located near many major military installations.
  • The Pepper Group Diversified business partners offer military discounts.
  • The Pepper Group Diversified provide contact information for businesses close base.
Working with Military-Friendly Businesses is Our Business!

The Pepper Group Diversified Military Relocation Specialists Network is a team of real estate realtors, who belong to one of the area's largest real estate organizations and specialize in military relocation and servicing the military client.

The Pepper Group Diversified Military Specialists' mission is to provide quality real estate services to military families. In meeting that goal, mutual help and support is provided among its members, who serve all military installations statewide.

TPGD military members are equipped with exclusive tools and technology designed to make buying and selling a home faster and easier. Our services are specially tailored to make your next move a smooth one.

We Understand Your Special Military Housing Requirements

Frequent transfers are a fact of life in today's military. No matter how many times you have done it, it is never easy to move your family to another city.

That's why it is so important to have a Real Estate Professional who is ready to help you through the two most complicated aspects of military relocation: finding a new home and selling your old one. That professional is your The Pepper Group Diversified Military Housing Specialist.

So when it is time to make your move, consider the many benefits of working with a specialist from the National Military Broker Network and ERA.

We Makes it Easier for Buyers to Find Your Home

With four-out-of-ten potential home buyers coming from out of town, you need an easy way to reach these buyers first. The Pepper Group Diversified Real Estate Real Estate Company makes it simple with, our international database of homes on the Internet and our Referral Network.

When you list your house with TPGD, it can receive worldwide exposure through Full color photos and complete descriptions of TPGD listings, are be automatically entered into nationwide MLS database -- for FREE. When this occurs, buyers from around the world, or right in your community, can view your house from the privacy of their homes or at their local Realtors' offices. This added exposure can help your house sell faster.

Additionally, all of our Southern Arizona broker offices are listed on the area referral network. This is an important TPGD management tool that involves both buyers and sellers - allowing your broker to instantly put you in touch with the right broker anywhere else in the country.

Our Commitment to You

Our team members who participate in the The Pepper Group Diversified Military Relocation Specialists are specially trained and prepared to assist you with every aspect of a move.

Most importantly, we understand the unique needs of military families. We are prepared to give you the special attention that will make your move an easier and more rewarding experience.

Contact our The Pepper Group Diversified Military Relocation Specialists Network today! We'll show you why TPGD is committed to military families: (520) 977-0003 or

We Support You: TPGD Seeks to Make Military Moves Easier

At, we know from personal experience that moving, travel, and frequent change is a part of the military culture. Finding military-friendly businesses and resources for our mobile lifestyle in new communities often becomes an overwhelming task. To ease this burden, we present information on businesses supporting our troops at both the national and local level. Our goal: To create the Southern Arizona's largest network of local military discounts and offers.

Frequent moves cause tremendous strain upon military members and their families who must pull up their roots and integrate into new communities. We offer real estate guidance in all areas of the business:

  • Real Estate Agents.
  • Potential Housing.
  • Financing Assistance.
  • Apartment Complexes.
  • Moving Companies.

This site is designed to help make moving easier for members of the military community. With all the different moves that we come across, and see all the stress and frustration of parents, it was apparent that a team of specialists like this could really become useful. Our goal is: to combine inside-the-gate information with outside-the-gate information and put it in your hands so military families and military members can use it efficiently.

The Reality of a Military Relocation and Making it Easy

The words "you're about to get moved" strikes fear in alot of peoples hearts, but it doesn't have to be that bad. With a little planning, and organization, a military move can run smoothly.

Start early. As soon as you get those orders in hand that you are indeed being moved, start you're planning. Reserve any U-hauls or trucks you may be taking. Start calling the transportation office that will be moving you're household goods, if you'll be doing them.

Get rid of things. Seriously, start going through everything, bit by bit, and decide whether you really want it or not. Most people have so much more than they even realize, until they have to move it. Donate stuff. Have a yard sale. Give stuff to your neighbors. In the end, it will help not to have so many items to pack. You'll find out you didn't even need them. But its best to start early, that way you can be thorough. and while you're at it, it doesn't hurt to pack up some things that you won't need anyway. It's May and you're moving in July? Pack up the winter clothes now.

Start stocking up on boxes, paper or bubble wrap, wrapping tape, and anything else you'll need to pack with. If you're letting the military move you, it won't matter as much because the movers will do it for you. But if you're doing the moving yourself, you'll need lots of stuff to pack everything in, and you may as well get an early start. Also start buying garbage bags, lots on them, and cleaning supplies. You'll need them.

If the military is moving you, call the transportation office as early as possible to set up a date.The moving companies are usually swamped and you'll want to get your day written in as soon as possible. Same goes for any hotels you may be staying at when you leave, and when you arrive at your next duty station.

Got kids? Start recruiting babysitters NOW. Once moving day(s) come, any young kids are going to be extremely difficult to watch. Especially with the movers sometimes coming in teams and leaving doors open. Offer to babysit someone elses kids for free now, so they'll return the favor later.

Paperwork. You all know how much the military loves paperwork, and moving is no exception. Get everything in writing, dates, your spouses orders, everything the movers may do for you. Keep a calendar with all important dates and times

Take pictures of expensive items. If the military is moving you, you won't get the moving company you may want. So, you never actually know WHO you're gonna get, therefore take pictures of all expensive and valuable items in case they get damaged in the move. That way, there is extra proof of you actually having those items.

Feed the movers. Keep them happy with coffee in the morning, soda and water in the afternoons. Get pizza's and donuts. Satisfy them with food, and they'll probably be easier on your items.

Above all, look at the experience with happiness. You're going to a new place, with new adventures and people!

Contact our The Pepper Group Diversified Military Relocation Specialists Network today! We'll show you why TPGD is committed to military families: (520) 977-0003 or

Military Installations in Arizona

There are currently many military installations in Arizona.

To learn more about these facilities -- including closest commercial airports, local weather forecasts, and nearby lodging -- contact The Pepper Group Diversified Military Relocation Specialists Network.

Air Force Bases

Army Posts

Coast Guard Bases

  • none

Marine Bases

Navy Bases

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Air National Guard - Air Force Reserve

Army National Guard

How to Make Moving Easier
For Your Kids

By T. McSpadden

"I spent the first 18 years of my life as an military brat. Nearly every two years my father got stationed in a new city meaning that my mother, older brother, and I had to pull up stakes and move to a new state starting over once again. I was lucky enough to be one of the few military brats I ever knew that loved moving from place to place. For me it was always an adventure, a chance to start over with new friends and see new things. I assumed my brother felt the same way but when we got older he told me how much he hated having to leave his friends and go into a classroom full of strangers. The thing he hated most, he told me, was how our parents always seemed to wait until the last minute to tell us we were moving. In retrospect I know he was right and now make it a point to be sure that I treat my daughter differently when it comes to moving by keeping in mind all the little things that used to upset me, and other military brats, growing up.

"The one thing I did actually hate was that it didn't always seem to occur to my parents that they should let us know when we were going to move. Telling a child about an impending or possible move as soon as you know can save your little one a lot of heartache. Often children find out about big events by overhearing their parents talk when they think the child is sleeping.

"Other times a close friend of the family or their child might be the one to tell your child. Some parents don't think twice about discussion an upcoming move with a friend or coworker especially when they have to give notice to their job or they want to make arrangements to keep in touch with this friend. These friends might mention the move to their children who could tell the moving child without knowing that their friend has no idea they are going to be moving. Or the friend or coworker themselves might mention the move to the child never dreaming they haven't been told.

"Both of these scenarios can be upsetting to a child regardless of their age. A young child might be confused when they hear from a friend or adult about the move then hurt when they find out that it wasn't all just some big mistake. An older child might be angry and embarrassed if they feel like they are the last to know about a potentially huge life altering event. It might even lead to future resentment.

"Once your child knows that the family is going to move, do what you can to help them keep in touch with current friends. That will make leaving them a little easier and ensure they still have peers who can relate to them while they are working on making new friends. Buy your son or daughter an address book or an electronic planner that will store name, address, and phone numbers. Also help them take pictures of themselves with their friends so they can remember good times with them. If your child is older and likes speaking on the phone get them a few phone cards so that they can speak to their friends whenever they want without running up a large phone bill. Whatever you do make sure that your child knows this is not the end of their friendships and that many people can remain life long friends even when they live far apart."

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, AZ
Fort Huachuca Military Base in Southern AZ
The General William Blanchard Golf Course
on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base AFB

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